Cases - GP Brasil - F1

Go2neXt provides support to Brazil formula 1 Grand Prix racing to the clouds.

Brazil Formula 1 GP gained agility and effectiveness with the migration to cloud computing. "It was paramount to take advantage of the migration to the cloud in order to reduce our costs," adds Claudia Ito, Director. The fact of the company team become larger close to disputes and samller in other months was aligned with the differentials of cloud computing, a flexible environment by nature. Today, working with Microsoft Office 365, Claudia's team takes advantage of an infrastructure that goes together with the employees wherever they are - including Autódromo José Carlos (Car Racing Venue). "Go2neXt used your experience to help us migrate to the cloud and, also, to make this new model financially feasible".

Cases - Alpargatas

Alpargatas plant in Montes Claros implements telephone communication in the cloud.

The unit in Montes Claros is the first Alpargatas plant where IT infrastructure and Communication is totally based on IP Telephone network, which eliminates the necessity to keep a network for data and another one for voice. "This unit represents a new model that gradually will also be applied to other locations," says Jose Carlos Martins, Alpargatas IT manager. The IP telephone network project in Monte Claro plant was developed by Go2neXt from the requirements posed by Alpargatas itself. "We chose Go2neXt for the quality in the service provision and its proven experience in other successful cases", says Nelson Do Val Júnior, Alpargatas infrastructure manager.

Cases - Senai

SENAI Computer Science of São Paulo migrated educational environments to the cloud. The project and implementation of this new environment was carried out by Go2neXt, using Citrix technology.

Go2neXt rendered to SENAI-SP the offer Go2Cloud for migration services to the cloud. The result of the sum of Citrix technology with Go2neXt services has already stood out, according to Alexssandro Reginato, Director of the school: The preparation time of a classroom dropped from a week to less than 1 hour. "Now I have an environment with high availability, because students can access different types of contents and software on any type of machine, including mobile devices, in the whole school". Currently, 206 desktops from 12 labs at SENAI Computer Science School are in the cloud.

Cases - Companhia Athletica

Companhia Athletica migrated 400 users to Microsoft Office 365 with the aid of Go2neXt.

With that, this chain of gyms with 35 thousand students and 17 units throughout Brazil has reduced costs and gained agility. Go2neXt has elaborated a work plan for the transition to be carried out gradually, in order to ensure the safety and satisfaction of the users. According to Paulo Pichini, Go2neXt, the whole process was carried out together with the company's IT team. Athletica. "This ensured that these professionals were aware of the activities of each phase. It is essential that the client's IT team get to know the benefits of the solution as a whole – that is what will enable them to operate the new tool after the end of the deployment phase".

Cases - Fagundes Pagliaro Advogados

With cloud computing, the law firm earns 45% in productivity.

With cloud computing, the law firm earns 45% in productivity. To streamline internal processes and ensure consistency and information security, the law firm Fagundes Pagliaro Advogados, in São Paulo, hired Go2neXt as a supplier of ICT solutions and services. “Our greatest objective was to count on guarantees to migrate to cloud computing”, explains Marcos de Carvalho Pagliaro, partner of the law firm. For Pagliaro, the new environment makes dynamic the collaborators work and the progress of processes without security risks neither availability risks. "We can now focus on our business and not have to worry about the management of our own infrastructure. The result of all these advancements is a gain of 45% in productivity in our time".