CLoud Collaboration Services

The capability to interact fully with its pairs - either fellow workers, suppliers, partners or customers - is something that might determine the success of a business. Go2neXt cloud collaboration services of ensuring group work at any time, from any point or device type and with any partner profile.

The fact that this offer is based on cloud brings agility and cost reduction to the market.

For Go2neXt, a winning offer on Cloud Collaboration Services passes, necessarily, through an interface with the user which is unified, who independently remains the same one of the device of access in use. This environment must be customized to the specific business processes, to provide, collaboratively, all the resources that the professionals will need at work, in all the time and everywhere.

The narrow connection between the implementation of Cloud Collaboration Services and the increase of the professional productivity of a company depends on the careful designing of the solution to be adopted by each corporation. Aware of this fact, Go2neXt offer for this area is preceded by Service Advisory. The goal is to collect information about the culture and the specific needs of each company and, from then on, to design a suitable collaboration solution for the profile of the users and its role in the Core business of the company.

Among the collaboration items Go2neXt offers, we highlight:

• IP Telephony transmissions;

• Videoconference and Telepresence;

• Unified Messaging;

• Mobility;

• Digital CRM - in cloud, traditional or hybrid;

• Integration with Social Networks.