Cloud Consulting Services

The digital transformation demands changes in business and I.T. department of the company. Whoever relies on consulting services in cloud services (migration, implementation, new developments) of a company with a great reputation and reliability will be better able to do that. Go2neXt stands out for its exemption regarding vendors, and its proven delivery capability in order to deliver projects and services and its professionals totaling more than 30 years of experience. The result of this positioning is a Cloud Consulting Services offer to accelerate the advancement of the enterprise to the cloud.

Another strong focus of the Go2neXt consulting offer is to be continuously improving the customer experience (Customer Experience) and increase collaboration among employees - something that impacts productivity and even the development of new offers and products.

At the same time mature and deeply innovative, the Go2neXt Cloud Consulting Services offer carries through assessment of environments of the user corporation and, from then on, it draws technology solutions that optimize the costs of operation and management. Go2neXt team also operates in capacity planning. The project is finalized with diagnostics and remediation plans – this deliverable includes the descriptive memorial of alternatives to the proposed solution.

Each stage of the work happens inside of an IT services management vision totally attached to the best practices. This includes the processes of discovery, consensus building, prototyping of design, development, testing, solution implementation, change management, internal IT team training of the user company, support and management of the entire project.

Flexible, the offer of Go2neXt is built from a methodology that facilitates the intersection of Go2neXt consulting services with consulting offers by other companies or corporate user.