Cloud Datacenter Services

The Center Date is the digital brain of every company and it can belong to the company or be outsourced, on premise or in the cloud. The Data Center is the environment where the most critical and expensive processes of IT and telecommunications take place; for this reason, the continuity of Data Center services has a direct impact on the company's business.

Go2neXt offers Data Center Next Generation services, which aim at the continuous transformation of this environment in order to support the growth of the digital businesses. In order to do that, Go2neXt professionals are "trustworthy advisors" skilled to assist the ICT Manager in the implementation, management and Data Center optimization.

The criticality and the high costs associated with Data Center demand that the companies carry through, periodically, complete surveys (assessment) of the real conditions of this environment. The goal is to build a detailed view of the Data Center, identifying points to be improved so that this infrastructure work in favour of ICT and business objectives of the user company.

In addition to examining the whole environment, the professionals of Go2neXt check out details of the functioning of the energy systems, refrigeration, security, processing, communication, etc. One of the first actions is to determine which is the critical applications, of BackOffice and the peripheral ones. This survey will guide the type of check that will be carried out in each of the infrastructure elements responsible for supporting these services.

After this phase, Go2neXt professionals develops a report that the actions pointed out is to be executed in short, medium and long run to promote adjustments in the Data Center. The diagnosis also includes essential information for the company to decide to adopt an external Data Center (outsourced) to expand quickly their processing power.

The Data Center Infrastructure Assessment service offered by Go2neXT includes:

• The environment itself, your location and possible structural vulnerabilities;

• The conditions of the building;

• Physical access security to the environment;

• The entire energy infrastructure;

• Cooling systems, electrical and mechanic that support the operation of the Data Center;

• Computer rooms (checking design, layout, size, details of this specific environment);

• General Equipment (verification of various computational devices such as computers, routers, etc. isolated ones and in rack).

The corporation universe includes, increasingly, elements such as cloud, BigData, IoT and mobile devices; it is clearly noticed, also, the constant transformation of applications, that abandon legacy in favor of the App format (Web and Mobile Application). In many companies, however, it is still often the conflict between legacy systems/environments and cloud computing.

Go2neXt can help companies that are facing the challenge to modernise and consolidate its Data Center infrastructure.

Therefore, Go2neXt offers incorporate trends of virtualization and cloud computing totally lined up with "software-defined anything" (SDx) and IT on Web scale. The Data Center modernization movement performed with the support of Go2neXt services include:

• To determine the way to reduce costs in servers, storage and network infrastructure;

• To reduce the levels of electrical load, heat dissipation and the demand for space, as well as provide elements of detection and firefighting;

• To map the number and location of Data Centers;

• To determine whether they should be standalone, in Collocation or outsourced;

• When appropriate, make the transition to a cloud platform and infrastructure upgraded;

• To examine the resilience of facilities and infrastructure already in use;

• To identify and minimize vulnerabilities;

• To manage, by using C-NOC Go2neXt, all the elements that make up the Data Center; this includes monitoring critical mission applications based on business rules.

Cloud Computing, Big Data and other technologies stimulates advances in the architecture of storage of the Data Center, since the hyperconverging infrastructure and server-side storage to data awareness constructed in arrays. One is about an essential infrastructure for the continuity of the businesses; in this model, the devices of storage become the foundation of data of the Data Center and its users spread out throughout the world.

The deep knowledge of Go2neXt professionals about everything in terms of the cloud and virtualization makes the company prepared to design, to implement and to manage some of the most advanced and consistent solutions of storage in the market. The goal is to ensure the security of data, performance and demand growth of this infrastructure. These achievements are entered within a vision of cost on demand (CoD) that meets budgetary conditions in ICT.

Go2neXt enables the Data Center to speed up the delivery of content and applications; to do this, designs solutions with infrastructure and interconnections for high performance.

The Data Center Acceleration offer provided by Go2neXt speeds WAN networks, making sure that safe connections of data with excellent cost-effectiveness. In addition, the solution can lay down the basis for hybrid clouds or to accelerate the company's Data Center connectivity with multiple clouds and outsourced IT services.

The secret of success regarding Go2neXt WAN Acceleration of services is to start from a consulting premise that, first of all, identifies the critical applications, in which the response time is essential for the business.

Whoever knows the challenges experienced by Data Centers managers knows that equipment and systems of this critical mission environment will be useless if the cabling will not be capable to support the demands of the systems. It is clear, therefore, how important it is to understand the cabling patterns of various segments of the Data Center cabling, identifying cabling objectives and choose the right components to ensure the continuity of operation.

Go2neXt designs and installs critical mission Data Center infrastructures, with cabling that provides businesses with performance-optimized network infrastructure.

Go2neXt offerings of smart Data Center infrastructure include data services, voice service, CCTV or power grid and provides:

• Real-time monitoring of connections;

• Documentation of connections and equipment assets;

• Trouble-shooting connections in a proactive way;

• Maximizing infrastructure with real-time use visualization of connection ports;

• Cabling System CAT5, CAT6 and CAT6A;

• Cabling contracts as service (on-demand cost), with defined service levels (SLAs);

• Total infrastructure documentation, As-Built;

• Diagnosis of infrastructure, with State-of-the-art tools and equipment. It is a service carried out by a highly qualified team that develops the actions in a modular way;

• Survey and identification of horizontal cabling;

• Compliance, performance and stability tests;

• Reorganization of Data Centers;

• Documentation, As-Built and advisory report.

The Data Center manager knows that the consolidation of servers provides greater computing efficiency and minors costs of energy and cooling. Another gain is the flexibility to migrate workloads between physical servers.

Go2neXt helps the corporations to develop and to implement solutions of virtualization and consolidation of servers. A good design in this area can reduce the required number of servers, cut down the energy bill and consolidate all physical infrastructure. Virtualization of Data Center elements accelerates the implementation of new services and applications, in addition to preparing the environment for migration to the cloud.

Here are some gains provided for the offer of Go2neXt in this area:

• Flexible sharing of ICT resources and the consequent demand use of these elements;

• Reduction of power consumption and heat dissipation, collaborating with cost reduction and sustainability (environment);

• Reduction of acquisition costs because the environments share physical resources such as CPU, memory and storage;

• Optimization of the environment management;

• Reduction of operational risks, facilitating the migration of data and construction of DRP policies.

The Data Center in transformation process brings some challenges for ICT managers. The criticality of the environment requires the migration processes and, in certain cases, of physical change of place, happen in a controlled and predictable way. Formed by professionals with over 30 years of experience, Go2neX offers services that ensure the stability of a change process that can be complex and, in some cases, disruptive. Go2neXt team's mission is to promote the modernization and changes in Data Center from a methodology that reduces impact to the business of these processes.

Go2neXt Migration and Moving services promotes data movement with no loss and reconnection of equipment and infrastructure without impact. Another tangible gain for the Enterprise Data Center user is the certainty that these actions will happen within the time imposed by the customer's business. Acting by using PMI processes, specialized team and certified in Go2neXt Data Center draws up the plan of moving, determines and mitigates the risks involved, recommends the best available in the target environment (as use, electric and cooling consumption), moves the equipment and/or data and documents the environments before after Moving.