Key Executives

paulo pichini

Paulo Pichini


Visionary, for 30 years Paulo Pichini, CEO & Chairman of Go2neXt Cloud Computing Builder & Integrator works for digital transformation, building bridges between the ICT and technologies area such as Internet of Things, BigData/Analytics, Virtual and Augmented Reality and digital TV. Passionate for challenges, Pichini - who has done his MBA at Harvard University – He is responsible for several of the most innovative projects in the Brazilian market. His knowledge of hybrid and public clouds makes him a renown speaker, valued presence in huge events as BT carriers (British Telecom), Embratel/Telmex and Oi. Since 2003 Paul Pichini takes the most advanced technology to "Rally dos Sertões" tracks, making his 4 x 4 vehicle a showcase for innovation in hostile environments.

murilo serrano

Murilo Serrano


Chief Operation Officer of Go2neXt, Murilo Serrano is engaged in the designing, delivery and service management at high levels for the corporative segment. In 1992, he founded, along with Paulo Henrique Pichini, the solutions integrator Connect, iconic enterprise in IT market in the nineties that, in 2000, it was acquired by Dutch company Getronics. He carried on as one of the leaders at Getronics until 2006, when he left to devote himself to the development of new businesses in the digital media, fuels and real estate. Attentive to the changes that cloud computing would bring to the market in 2011 Murilo Serrano became the founder and Director of the first Brazilian cloud customized IT services company, Go2neXt. Serrano graduated in Computer Science at Universidade Presbiteriana Mackenzie (University) and, in 2001, attained his MBA at USP Business School of São Paulo.

marcos santos

Marcos Santos

Infrastructure Manager

The Director of Infrastructure Services at Go2neXt has been working for more than 21 years in ICT market. His main mission is to introduce to the market manageable infrastructure and technologies models that can ensure performance and business continuity of his clients. Throughout his career, Marcos Santos was responsible for the implementation of more than 500 structured cabling and infrastructure projects, these projects were carried out from small business environments to challenges involving dozens of large buildings of private corporations. His areas of expertise are Structured Cabling, Intelligent Systems Physical Infrastructure Management, CCTV, Electrical Infrastructure and Civil Infrastructure. He has a degree in Information Technology Engineering, Santos has also worked at Connect Systems Integrator, at Getronics and Cynett, company acquired by Go2neXt in 2011.

ricardo otero

Ricardo Otero

Infrastructure Architect Manager

As to Ricardo Otero, director of infrastructure architecture area at Go2neXt, cloud computing demands an IT base with safe and steady communication and with excellent performance. The role of this Executive with more than 20 years in this industry is, precisely, to ensure that this goal will be achieved and deliver, to the companies that use Go2neXt services, the most advanced projects, implementation and infrastructure management. Before his current position, Otero was the Director at Cynett, integrator specialized in infrastructure projects which were acquired by Go2neXt in 2011, the same year of the Foundation of this company. In recent years, Otero has intensified his participation in paramount accounts and acquiring new customers for Go2neXt.

waldir gregorut

Waldir Gregorut

Administrative/Financial Manager

Go2neXt administrative financial manager, Waldir Gregorut, acts in this market since 1972. If in the first years of his career, he worked in several vertical fields - financial, pharmaceutical and civil construction industries -, as of 1994 Gregorut was specialized in IT area. Prior to joining Go2neXt in 2011, the Executive worked at Connect and Getronics. Gregorut is, therefore, for more than 20 years a strategic contributor to the executives who make up the Board of Go2neXt. Bachelor's degree in business administration from Unicapital (University), Gregorut knows, as few professionals from his field, the secrets of IT service rendering and how to attain winning OPEX proposals.

vinicius de simoni

Vinicius de Simoni

Operations Manager

Professional with 18 years of experience in local and global market of ICT, Vinicius de Simoni is the technical manager of operations at Go2neXt. He has a degree in Computer Science from Universidade Paulista (University), Simoni stands out due to his continuing renewal of his skills. He has ITIL, VMWare and Microsoft certificates, Simoni is the leader of some of the most innovative projects nationwide and worldwide. This executive works strongly in the phases of designing and implementation of projects, standing out due to his continuous commitment to the business and the achievement of all the goals set by the customers and companies which use Go2neXt services. among various global projects that he has already taken part in, it also includes contracts with Fusion Storm in the USA and Basf in Germany. In Brazil, he took the lead of more than 50 projects since he joined Go2neXt in 2011. Simoni is fluent in English. In his free time, the Executive researches new technologies and is also dedicated to table football (Foosball). For 21 years, he competes in tournaments in this category; It was the first ranking of Federação Paulista de Futebol de Mesa in 2016 and Two-Time Champion in São Paulo in 2011 and 2016.