Go2next Cloud Computing Builder & Integrator

For Go2neXt, the digital transformation is a leverage to promote the multiplication of businesses of the companies.

It is made up by professionals with over 30 years of experience in innovation based on technology; this service integrator started in 2011, having as its mission to facilitate the evolution of businesses toward a universe which is always connected and fully digital.

Based on this vision, cloud computing is the large infrastructure in which Go2neXt projects come to life. Although the Go2neXt solution architects are acknowledged nationwide and worldwide by their extraordinary skills to explore, with consistency and security, the cloud computing model/OPEX, its focus is not merely on infrastructure.

The goal of Go2neXt and its service offers is to improve without ceasing “user experience” (UX) for those who depend on technology to surmount their professional challenges. With this in mind, Go2neXt rely on a team that stands out by its skill and knowledge – they are professionals with a vision that goes far beyond the traditional perimeters. They are experts in mobility, Internet of things (IoT), Digital Signage, Virtual and augmented reality, BigData and Video Analytics, among other aspects. In addition to the legacy that we carry along in infrastructure solutions, collaboration, data center and security.

Since its foundation, Go2neXt is acknowledged by its commitment with business-oriented challenges and technology experienced by its clients. Go2neXt clients bear, daily, the fruits from this commitment: unique results, which add value to the competitiveness and attractiveness of your business.

Having service offers of 360 degrees, Go2neXt operates 24x7x365 in order to keep up the results that digital transformation brings to its customers. In order to do this, it renders services from the point of understanding the user company challenges to the environment monitoring of the corporation.

Business Model

The basis of all Go2neXt's offers is the consulting vision about the business and technology challenges of the user company.

Based on the careful survey of these factors, the Go2neXt System Engineers design an innovative and efficient solution, in which the cloud is the great and agile infrastructure of services. This project can be both implemented and managed by Go2neXt as well as be a road map for other companies – or client's corporation own team – come into action. From Next Generation Data Center solutions to the development of the most pleasant user experience, Go2neXt offerings stand out by innovation and the ability to streamline processes and business of the Corporation.


Vertical Market

Go2neXt is a company that started and was created with DNA in services and solutions. Our greatest asset is formed by excellence – associated with the experience – of our team of employees. The solutions that we offer can be acquired in Traditional, Managed Services, Cloud Computing or absolutely hybrid models.


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