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Go2next - Cloud Computing Builder & Integrator

For Go2neXt, the digital transformation is a leverage to promote the multiplication of businesses of the companies.

It is made up by professionals with over 30 years of experience in innovation based on technology; this service integrator started in 2011, having as its mission to facilitate the evolution of businesses toward a universe which is always connected and fully digital.

Based on this vision, cloud computing is the large infrastructure in which Go2neXt projects come to life. Although the Go2neXt solution architects are acknowledged nationwide and worldwide by their extraordinary skills to explore, with consistency and security, the cloud computing model/OPEX, its focus is not merely on infrastructure.

The goal of Go2neXt and its service offers is to improve without ceasing “user experience” (UX) for those who depend on technology to surmount their professional challenges. With this in mind, Go2neXt rely on a team that stands out by its skill and knowledge – they are professionals with a vision that goes far beyond the traditional perimeters. They are experts in mobility, Internet of things (IoT), Digital Signage, Virtual and augmented reality, BigData and Video Analytics, among other aspects. In addition to the legacy that we carry along in infrastructure solutions, collaboration, data center and security.

Since its foundation, Go2neXt is acknowledged by its commitment with business-oriented challenges and technology experienced by its clients. Go2neXt clients bear, daily, the fruits from this commitment: unique results, which add value to the competitiveness and attractiveness of your business.

Having service offers of 360 degrees, Go2neXt operates 24x7x365 in order to keep up the results that digital transformation brings to its customers. In order to do this, it renders services from the point of understanding the user company challenges to the environment monitoring of the corporation.

Go2neXt Solutions

The wide range of Go2neXt services has a very clear focus: to collaborate with the user company teams so that this corporation achieves every business-oriented objectives they might have, IT management and, mainly, transformation. With that in mind, Go2neXt designs, implements and manages innovative and effective ICT solutions.



Using its own methodology, we speed up in a secure and consistent way, the advancement to the cloud. Services go from the phases of auditing and discovery to the management of the new business environment.



Go2neXt delivers, by means of its C-NOC, 24x7 services to monitor cloud computing environment monitoring and on premise that go from the management of devices to the control of compliance and applications.



Go2neXt projects, installs and monitors physical infrastructures of critical mission. This offer includes cabling as service ( on-demand cost, with SLA ) data, voice, CCTV and electrical systems.



Go2neXt promotes the collaboration among employees, suppliers, partners and clients. This is carried through by several different types of the device and networks, with productivity and security.



Go2neXt offers services of Data Center Next Ge­ne­ra­tion, placing the Data Cen­ter in the center of the digital trans­for­ma­tion. Company carries out the implementation, ma­na­ge­ment and optimization of this environment.



In order to provide access availability with maximum security, Go2neXt System Engineers analyzes the culture, the processes and the client or partner environment infrastructure on the cloud or on premise.


Office 365

The Architects of Go2neXt Solutions have already carried out dozens of migration projects to Office 365. The offer goes from the assessment phase to the solution implementation and the cloud monitoring.

Go2neXt IoT Solutions

The Internet of Things (IoT) is the technology that, by means of objects sensoring and its connection with the Internet, allows the automation of devices that, before, escaped from IT bounds. Within the scope of IoT are smartphones, refrigerators, automobiles, coffeemakers, tractors, showers, air conditioning equipment, plant machines, etc. The IoT devices are monitored and on/off remotely and generate a great deal of information about the assets of companies.

In order to explore this wealth of data thoroughly, the team of Go2neXt creates IoT projects that go from the infrastructure of sensors and how to establish its communication to the most sophisticated analysis. Go2neXt solutions architects employ BigData/Analytics vision to extract from the world of data generated by IoT, which means strategic information for business. Therefore, the teams develop tailor-made Dashboards for the challenges faced by each and every Corporation.

The expertise of Go2neXt teams in Cloud computing makes their IoT solutions use the business-oriented OPEX model at length, which facilitates the access of companies to the IoT Universe.


IoT for

Solutions that can reduce in up to 35% the costs of the company with this area, Go2neXt offers increases the useful life of vehicles, optimizing the productivity of cars, trucks, buses and tractors.


IoT for

Go2neXt delivers to the producer/ manager a solution that extracts, from all the information generated by IoT devices installed in the agricultural company, the essential data to make the business grow.


IoT for

Go2neXt solution architects know in depth the demands of this vertical line and which technologies and IoT platforms can be used to leverage and speed up sales and meet the customer needs.


IoT for

IoT technology is a key element for 4.0 Industry. Go2neXt develops, delivers and monitors plant grounds projects in which IoT consolidates and strengthens the business processes of the company.


IoT for

From pacemakers and insuline injections to wristbands and sensors that monitor whether the elderly patient had a fall. IoT contributes to make lives longer and to promote well-being and health welfare to patients.


IoT Xperience

Trucks of 15m of length where the user dives into IoT Experience. In addition to mobile shop window using cutting-edge IoT technology, this vehicle acts as both data center and C-NOC mobile.

Customers and Go2next Partners

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Go2next on the Media - Clipping / Articles

The presence of Go2neXt and its executives on the Media is a result of transparent vision, disseminating information and commitment with everyone in the company. Strategic knowledge and business and life experience of Go2neXt professionals are the news source that points to the transformations that the ICT Latin American market experiences now and will experience in the future.


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Go2next Cases

GP Brasil de F1

Go2neXt provides support to Brazil formula 1 Grand Prix racing to the clouds.

Brazil Formula 1 GP gained agility and effectiveness with the migration to cloud computing. "It was paramount to take advantage of the migration to the cloud in order to reduce our costs," adds Claudia Ito, Director. The fact of the company team become larger close to disputes and samller in other months was aligned with the differentials of cloud computing, a flexible environment by nature. Today, working with Microsoft Office 365, Claudia's team takes advantage of an infrastructure that goes together with the employees wherever they are - including Autódromo José Carlos (Car Racing Venue). "Go2neXt used your experience to help us migrate to the cloud and, also, to make this new model financially feasible.


SENAI Computer Science of São Paulo migrated educational environments to the cloud. The project and implementation of this new environment was carried out by Go2neXt, using Citrix technology.

Go2neXt rendered to SENAI-SP the offer Go2Cloud for migration services to the cloud. The result of the sum of Citrix technology with Go2neXt services has already stood out, according to Alexssandro Reginato, Director of the school: The preparation time of a classroom dropped from a week to less than 1 hour. "Now I have an environment with high availability, because students can access different types of contents and software on any type of machine, including mobile devices, in the whole school". Currently, 206 desktops from 12 labs at SENAI Computer Science School are in the cloud.


Alpargatas plant in Montes Claros implements telephone communication in the cloud.

The unit in Montes Claros is the first Alpargatas plant where IT infrastructure and Communication is totally based on IP Telephone network, which eliminates the necessity to keep a network for data and another one for voice. "This unit represents a new model that gradually will also be applied to other locations," says Jose Carlos Martins, Alpargatas IT manager. The IP telephone network project in Monte Claro plant was developed by Go2neXt from the requirements posed by Alpargatas itself. "We chose Go2neXt for the quality in the service provision and its proven experience in other successful cases", says Nelson Do Val Júnior, Alpargatas infrastructure manager.

Cia Athletica

Companhia Athletica migrated 400 users to Microsoft Office 365 with the aid of Go2neXt.

With that, this chain of gyms with 35 thousand students and 17 units throughout Brazil has reduced costs and gained agility. Go2neXt has elaborated a work plan for the transition to be carried out gradually, in order to ensure the safety and satisfaction of the users. According to Paulo Pichini, Go2neXt, the whole process was carried out together with the company's IT team. Athletica. "This ensured that these professionals were aware of the activities of each phase. It is essential that the client's IT team get to know the benefits of the solution as a whole – that is what will enable them to operate the new tool after the end of the deployment phase".

Fagundes Pagliaro

With cloud computing, the law firm earns 45% in productivity.

With cloud computing, the law firm earns 45% in productivity. To streamline internal processes and ensure consistency and information security, the law firm Fagundes Pagliaro Advogados, in São Paulo, hired Go2neXt as a supplier of ICT solutions and services. “Our greatest objective was to count on guarantees to migrate to cloud computing”, explains Marcos de Carvalho Pagliaro, partner of the law firm. For Pagliaro, the new environment makes dynamic the collaborators work and the progress of processes without security risks neither availability risks. "We can now focus on our business and not have to worry about the management of our own infrastructure. The result of all these advancements is a gain of 45% in productivity in our time".

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