Iot for Agribusiness

The Internet of Things applied to agribusiness contributes so that the agricultural sector conquers control and visibility on what it is transferred on the farm. This includes monitoring the health of the soil and planting, the conditions of the vehicles and machines used in food production, the State of silos and other storage environments, the level of energy consumption and even the growth and behavior of animals.

To bring these enhancements to the Brazilian market, Go2neXt develops, implements and manages projects that "light up" the farm regions that, before, were beyond the control of the it area.

The Architects of Solutions of Go2neXt dedicate themselves, also, to decide the challenges of offer of services of telecommunication of the field, creating solutions that not only guarantee the conectividade of the headquarters of the farm but of all the sectors of the country property. At the end of the day the agribusiness manager will have at hand a solution that extracts, from all the information generated by IoT devices installed in the agricultural company, the essential data to make the business grow.