Iot for Retail

One of the areas that more advances in digital transformation, the retail counts on tailor-made IoT offers to improve the experience of the consumer inside of the store. Among the main devices for retail include IoT sensing RFID, QR Code and NFC, in addition to shelves and intelligent mapping solutions tasters of customers inside the store and Digital Signage platforms that operate both vertical (wall) and horizontal (table). In addition to the focus on understanding how the customer behaves and creates new experiences inside the store, IoT is used, also, to optimize Supply Chain processes. Another area of action of this technology is to connect consumers and shops in order to multiply and automate the actions of purchase or replacement of products.

Go2neXt is at the vanguard of some of the most innovative retail projects in the market. Its team of solution architects designed, implemented and monitors chain stores that stand out in Brazil and in the world by their ability to meet and delight customers. Go2neXt experts know in depth the demands of this vertical line and which technologies and IoT platforms can be used to speed up sales and to make consumers loyal.