Iot for Health

Hospitals, clinics and laboratories already count on advanced IoT technologies for monitoring patients and medical devices. Today, the most modern laboratories in the world engage in IoT devices, the containers with materials such as blood or skin of the patient. The goal is to avoid losses of samples or the need for rework. In this context, the sensor starts to monitor each of the test steps of this biological sample. The data generated by the device IoT increase control over the whole process, collaborating with the consistency of diagnosis.

IoT projects are changing, too, as the pharmacies of major hospitals release medicines to the patients.

From pacemakers and insulin injections to wristbands and sensors that monitor whether the elderly patient had a fall. IoT contributes to make lives longer and to promote well-being and health welfare to patients.

To achieve results like these, the System Engineers of Go2neXt develop projects in which is the sum of the BigData to-stuffed with new and valuable information collected by IoT devices – with Analytics that brings, for managers of hospitals, clinics and laboratories, a powerful new insight into their processes.