Cloud Management Services

Go2neXt offers services managed in the cloud totally committed to the continuity of the businesses of the user company. Seeing that, it delivers 24 x 7 monitoring services in environments that include asset survey, device management, maintenance/patch management, performance analysis, compliance control, monitoring of applications and specific solutions in business of each company.

The core of this offers is C-NOC (Cloud - Network Operation Center) of Go2neXt, core network and device monitoring of all the types that the cloud uses as its main platform. The advantage of this approach is its scale (infinite, as cloud computing), agility in implementation and cost reduction.

One of the differentials of Cloud Management Services at Go2neXt is the expertise of its professionals in the demands of mobile devices and IoT (Internet of Things). By being involved in some of the most advance mobility projects and IoT (industrial, agribusiness, transport, retail) in Brazil, Go2neXt knows how to ensure the observance of SLA in these environments.

Fully integrated and unified, the C-NOC of Go2neXt offers a range of end-to-end management.

The managers of the Corporation user receive a customized Dashboard where you can monitor the performance (KPIs) and the productivity of their environments, including the monitoring of the service levels that are being delivered.

Among the managed items include:

• Cloud Management;

• Mobile device management and IoT (Internet of things);

• Lan and Wan network management;

• Security management;

• Data flow management;

• Management of the storage system;

• Infrastructure management;

• Management of applications and systems;

• Management and monitoring of ticketing system.