Cloud Security Services

Innovation demands a secure ICT environment, whether it's on premise, in the cloud, based on mobile devices or in Internet of things (IoT).

The increasing adoption of BigData/Analytics solutions and collaboration makes this situation even more complex. In a world where traditional defenses are no longer able to protect enterprise systems (end of the perimeter), Go2neXt's goal is to ensure maximum availability of access with maximum security.

In order to ensure the integrity of corporate solutions, the company analyzes the culture, the processes and the infrastructure of an environment of the customer - either on premise, either in the cloud. It is important to consider that the concerns for this new computing model are the same of the previous models. Some criteria for analyzing the degree of safety of the provider are:

• Compliance;

• GRC – it is important to raise the risks and what actions to perform to eliminate them;

• DLP tools and processes;

• Tools to guarantee the security of data, both in the physical aspect as in the backup and access;

• Firewall and IPS Systems;

• Resources that at any time guarantee the access to the data and the applications;

• Whatever is the history of attacks, what are the consequences and actions taken to prevent new attacks;

• Ability to understand data traffic and to adapt to the seasonality of the user company's market.

Go2neXt works proactively to ensure the safety of the environment:

• Choose the best provider;

• Test the capabilities and resources of the provider's security (IDS, IPS, Firewalls);

• Analyse the entire compliance with standards and security standards (ISO27001 and SAS70);

• Create the necessary security framework (VLANs and ACLs);

• Conduct analysis of availability;

• Assess the risks;

• Analyze the impacts;

• Develop the business continuity plan (PCN) or Business Continuity Plan (BCP);

• Build or develop the DRP (Disaster Recovery Plan).