Techtruck2go - IoT Experience on the Road
Connecting You With Things

Go2neXt counts on a mobile environment where, when entering, the visitor immerges in a world of new technologies. This is the TechTruck2Go, a 15-meter-long truck filled the most advanced solutions of Internet of things. Its mission is to provide the user an experience with the future. In order to do that, the vehicle is simultaneously data center, C-NOC and IoT devices showcase.

TechTruck2Go is available for participation in events throughout Brazil. For more information about the use of the truck in your event, please send a message to the e-mail:

IoT Cameras, Telepresence and Digital Signage

Whoever visits the truck will be able to interact, for example, with a camera of intelligent video, the ADBeacon, by ADMobilize company, which `reads' the expressions of the person and, from then on, it manages to measure the reply that this visitor is giving to the environment of TechTruck2Go. The TechTruck2Go counts, still, on intelligent cameras of video, fixed and mobile, directed toward the security of the truck.

In addition to the IoT devices themselves, Go2Next reproduced in TechTruck2Go all the elements that one datacenter/NOC for monitoring of IoT devices. This includes one rack with servers and routers with one patch panel; there is also, vCisco Telepresence SX20 video conference.

The mobile datacenter has a Digital Signage solution (video) from Samsung, IP Phones and Wi-Fi network infrastructure both internal and external.

Five Telecom Services ensure Internet Connection:

Aware of the importance to guarantee access to the cloud 24x7 regardless of the place where the truck is, the Go2neXt System Engineers implemented in the vehicle several telecom services. The truck has 3 g, 4 g, GPS, WiFi and satellite links; the latter was granted to Go2neXt by BT, British Telecom. This abundance of network access band is essential to ensure the continuity of the digital services provided by TechTruck2Go.

More than a display of new technologies, the TechTruck2Go embodies the values of Go2neXt.

The professionals of the company add sophisticated services of consultoria with the most diverse technologies in order to to size construct a solution for the challenge of business of each company. The result is a dashboard (Control Panel) that gives the user company manager of IoT analytical insight of your business.

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